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For certified divers that have not been diving for some time. [recommended after a one year absence from your last dive]. We review any forgotten theory through quizzes with the instructor, then we take you into the swimming pool or confined area to brush up on all of the skills learnt previously on the open water course.

Option 1 : is a short refresher, where we concentrate on the very basic theory and confined skills, then take you on two fantastic local dives..

Option 2 : is a full version, where we make sure you remember everything that you have previously learnt on the open water course, including the dive tables and all the scuba skills. Two full fun dives are made upon completion of the necessary training..

Option 1 : usually done in one day.
2 dives /2900 baht
[includes all dive equipment, pool training, boat trip with lunch, instructor ]

Option 2 : usually done in one and a half days.
2 dives + pool / 4200 baht
[includes all dive equipment, boat trip with lunch, instructor ]


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