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SSI STRESS AND RESCUE DIVER........................................help others.

SSI categorize this course as a specialty, meaning it can be done anytime after the open water level and it is designed for divers seeking more awareness in the scuba environment. Stress and Rescue Diver teaches theory, techniques, skills, searches and management in the event of a dive related problem. At Harlequin we feel that given the chance every diver should get this level of training. Prior to certification candidates must show proof of CPR ( Cardio and Pulmonary Resuscitation ) and first aid training within the last two years. For those that do not have this training then you can enroll in one of our EFR courses which can be done either before, during or after the Stress and Rescue Diver course.

3 days / 11500 baht
[includes all dive equipment, insurance, boat trip with lunch, borrowed materials, instructor and certification]



Part one of this course teaches how to perform Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation [CPR] / also known as 'basic life support'. It is not a diving course, but simply prepares candidates to handle problems that occur in the event of various types of emergencies.

To be certified as a PADI Rescue Diver candidates need to have proof of CPR/first aid training within the last two years, so this EFR course is perfect for those who do not have the required training. Also it is great for those who are not becoming a Rescue Diver but would simply like to know what to do to help somebody in the event of an a emergency. Part two teaches you about 'Secondary' treatment, such as attending to injuries, burns, cuts, shock and general first aid etc.

Usually the E.F.R part one takes about half a day, and part two also takes about the same amount again. We can schedule the times of lessons to suit the students needs. For those using the E.F.R course for Rescue certification, well the E.F.R can be done before or during the Rescue Diver Course.

4500 baht / 1 day
[including all course content, instructor and certification]



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