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SSI TRY SCUBA DIVING [resort dives]

Perfect for total beginners. SSI ‘Try Scuba Diving' is a fun and safe way to take those first under-water breaths. This program teaches very basic dive theory, safety and skills and can be done in just two hours. We start you off in the safety of our very own swimming pool and then progress onto a typical local dive site. Dives are made to a aximum depth of twelve metres with one instructor for every two divers thus adding total safety and enjoyment..

Option 1 : usually done in one and a half day.
2 dives + pool dive / 4000 baht [includes all dive equipment, insurance, pool training, boat trip with lunch, instructor ]

Option 2 : usually done in one day
2 dives / 3100 baht [includes all dive equipment, insurance, boat trip with lunch, instructor ]


We only recommend this course for those short on time. Basic dive theory, and basic shallow water scuba skills are done, and then two open water training dives to 12 meters. Candidates then receive a Passport logbook which allows them to dive with a dive professional.

2 dives + pool / 7300 baht
[includes all dive equipment, insurance, boat trip with lunch, borrowed materials, instructor and certification]


The world famous 'Open-Water' course is designed to teach you how to plan and conduct dives safely to a maximum depth of eighteen metres. Here at Harlequin we usually run a three and a half day course with the first day and a half covering the academic (classroom) and confined water training (swimming pool / shallow, calm water) portions of the course. Here you will learn valuable information regarding dive planning, dive theory, dive safety and necessary practical diving skills. Days three and four are spent on our dive boat making two dives on each day, where skills already learnt are repeated at a typical local open-water dive site. Certification is valid for lifetime and will be recognized anywhere in the world. Usually done in three and a half days.

4 dives + pool / 11900 baht
[includes all dive equipment, insurance, boat trips with lunch, borrowed materials, instructor and certification]


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