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16 / MARCH / 2008

Victoria and Arka from the Ukraine completed their Padi Advanced Open Water, also their Padi Enriched Air Nitrox specialty and had the best dive of their life when they went on our Hin Daeng / Hin Muang trip and saw two massive  Manta Rays, and a nine meter Whaleshark.
PS- It was also Jamie 'the seahorse kings' first Whaleshark sighting


21 / JAN / 2008

Newly-weds Mr and Mrs Mark and Majella County preparing to take their confined water training session for the SSI Open Water Course.

16 / JAN / 2008

Lana from Canada just completed her Padi Open Water course and had a great time whilst doing so. As well as turtles and leopard sharks she was epecially impressed with the frogfish and pipefish that have been around recently at the local marine park.


06 / DEC / 2007

Pictures above, Alfredo, Gary and Manual saw Manta Rays for their first time on our recent Hin Daeng / Hin Muang trip. Visibility was about 25 meters and four of the impressive Mantas were sited with Cobias alongside them, as well as schooling Batfish and giant Moray eels to name but a few.

01 / DEC / 2007

The dry / high season weather has definitely kicked-in now. Sea conditions are much better, there has been little rain and visibility has been gradually improving from good to better. The island is fairly busy as it always is at this time of year, and everyone is in the party spirit leading up to xmas and new year.

Pictured above are Sandra and Vanessa whilst gearing-up for the wreck dive as part of their advanced course. Needless to say they had a fantastic time both above and below the water, and Jamie 'the seahorse king' Godson said that they were 'naturals'.

       Good luck with your travels girls, hope to see you next year.

       The Harlequin team.

25 / OCTOBER / 2007

Diving has been great during the low season with plenty of black-tip and leopard sharks as well as everything else, but now it is time for us to look forward to Koh Phi Phi’s high season where sea conditions and general weather patterns are much better from now until May 2008.

Although this last week it has rained fairly often the diving has still been good. ***please note that it cannot rain underwater.

Visiblity on the local trip has been about 12 meters and there has been lots of octopus and sea-horses around of late. Trips to Hin Daeng, Koh Haa and the Kingcruiser wreck should start to be more frequent now, in fact we run our first trip to Hin Daeng a few days ago and although we saw no mantas or whalesharks the visibility was 30+ meters and the dives were stunning.

Good news for you is that this years pricing has remained unchanged    from last season, meaning that you are still getting a much better    deal than in most dive destinations in the world, the only prices    that may increase are the Padi courses, and that’s only if Padi continue to increase their pricing, other than that everything remains the same.

The Harlequin team hope to continue to satisfy many experienced and novice divers alike this coming high season, and we look forward to your arrival.

Please feel free to contact us by email



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