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SSI or Scuba Schools International is one of the biggest diver training organizations in the world. Although here in Asia it is not as big as it is in the USA and Australia it is rapidly expanding due to its high standards and modern approach in diver training. SSI certifications are internationally recognized and will allow you to dive with any dive center. All of our Instructors have been trained to teach SSI courses and conduct SSI programs, meaning they are eligible to certify SSI divers.


Padi stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Padi is one of many different scuba diving training organisations, but probably the most famous. If you are a certified Padi diver then your certification card will be recognised everywhere in the world. It does not mean that you have to find a Padi dive centre to be allowed to dive, nearly all dive centres will recognize your certification and allow you dive in places similar to your training and experience. All of our Instructors have been trained to teach Padi courses and conduct Padi programs, meaning they are eligible to certify Padi divers.


In terms of diver training there is little between them. Firstly they both follow the diving standards set by R.S.T.C [recreational scuba training council], meaning that knowledge and skill requirements for certain programs or courses are almost the same. There are some small differences between the two agencies but both teach very good courses and produce good, safe divers. PADI [Professional Association of Diving Instructors] is bigger and more famous than SSI [Scuba Schools International], but this does not mean that it is better or more recognized. Every dive center in the world also knows and recognizes SSI. On a customer basis the main difference here in Thailand between the two agencies is that SSI do not make it compulsory for candidates to buy course books and manuals,where as PADI do. With the SSI courses you can borrow our books/manuals whilst on a course, but do not have to buy your own copy. Meaning people have the choice of buying the SSI books here or at home / or not at all. Great for those who do not want to carry heavy books around, or who are on a budget. Obviously incorporated into the price of a PADI course is the particular book or manual this makes Padi’s course prices
considerably higher.

.......Here at Harlequin we give you the choice.........its up to you,. SSI or PADI......, or both!...


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