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Koh Phi Phi has a wide variety of accommodation including dormitories, tents, basic guest-houses, bungalow resorts, and two to three star resorts/hotels. So what ever your budget Phi Phi can accommodate you. Prices start around 300 baht, and rise to about 5000 baht per night. For the very cheap options it is normally not possible to pre-book, but only check availability upon arrival. For the better accommodation it is possible to pre-book which can be a good idea especially in the busy months.

Because Ton Sai bay / Loh Dalum area of Phi Phi island is relatively small everywhere is no more than a ten minute walk, so if you are diving with Harlequin you can stay anywhere and you are not far from our shop, however we do recommend the resorts located in the eastern side of Ton Sai bay, because not only are these resorts close by Harlequin but also they are located in a peaceful, tranquil area with arguably Ton Sai's best beach area.



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